Ep 11 | ROBERT HODGE: Art Hustle, Life, Success, Community Engagement/Activation n Shit

Our guest this week is a multi-disciplinary artist whose work centers around the topic of blackness and the pride in and of everything related to the privilege of being black. Music is extremely important to his practice as well. One could call it the driving force, and even the art at times. He is taking art to the people in unconventional ways, and enriching the people and communities. He started with the community that both he and Beyoncé hold very dear, 3rd ward Houston, Texas, and is going beyond. Robert Hodge is a hustler few have seen the likes of. This dude is the Kevin Gates of this art shit. He does not get tired!!! Don’t take my word for it. Just give the episode a listen and count the jobs. Also go and Enjoy his work at