Ep 6 | MOE PENDERS: Culture, Culture, Culture and Moe culture

moes headshotWe spoke with Moe Penders about their work. What is it about? Why does it exist? Who is it for? What drives it? The answer is culture. The things, people and places that make Moe, Moe. The things, people, and places that Moe holds near and dear and help Moe be even more Moe than they knew they could be. Those things that have taught Moe what life is, can and should be. These are the things that drive the work. These are the things that radiate from the work and resonate with the viewers. We enjoyed this conversation and Moe’s company. We love the work, and we hope you do too. Listen, enjoy and don’t hesitate to let us know what you think. –M.